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A Wish Turned Into Reality

US Veterans Helping Veterans is the largest and only, non-political, most-utilized, Veteran not for profit and program organization directory in America and still growing.  

Joe Schirmer

2020 Chairman, Board of Directors

We Care About Veterans. We Are Veterans.

About US

Only directory created and funded by fellow Veterans.

US Veterans Helping Veterans is a resource website, founded by Americans and Veterans, that connects wounded warriors, Service Members, Veterans, their families, and caregivers to vetted programs and services that support them.  It is hosted, managed, maintained, sustained and developed by the United States Of America Legal Foundation.


It is meant to provide access to Veteran benefits, services, and resources at the national, state and community levels to support the recovery, rehabilitation, and community reintegration of our Veterans. Visitors can find information on a variety of services by vetted resources.


With so many groups, organizations and companies targeting Veterans, It is hard to know which ones are legitimate, and worth giving your time and attention too . If you are donating, you must know whether your donations are funding services for those in need, especially with so many recently exposed scams. That is why we do our best to help.  We are normal Veterans trying to help Veterans. We have funded all of this ourselves and have not asked for any funding so far.

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