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We search, find, research, test, vet and share quality service providers and benefits for Veterans. Veterans deserve service with excellence. Therefore, we as a whole, hold service providers accountable.

This Service Is FREE To You. We Are Not For Profit.This service is FREE to you. We are not for profit.

There are NO referral fees to us. Therefore, there are no added costs for you.

On the contrary, we negotiate discounts for you in exchange for us to recommend you to them. They see it as effective advertising that results in connecting people like you to them.  We do ask that the professionals participating assist us in spreading the word by having them advertise our website in hopes that we reach and help many more Veterans. If the opt to make a donation, 100% of the funds received are used to cover web development, maintenance, and advertising expenses only.

Our goal is to reach and help as many people as possible throughout the nation.

Finding the right professional is not easy but crucial and that is why we believe this project is a win-win for everyone.

If any professionals we recommend ever "drop the ball" or does anything that they shouldn't, we will assist you in filing the proper complaints, and negotiate an adequate solution, and eliminate them from our list of recommended professionals. We have had NO complaints thus far.

Finding the right service provider shouldn't result in a curse; It should be a blessing.

-We are here for you. We stand by you-

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